Monday, August 25, 2008

"Inspiration for sale"

Taking my weekly regular walks to the food market, is definitely one of my ways to feel reconnected with the ingredients I buy, and the whole wandering-shopping-smelling-feeling experience I just love to have in the middle of the week when I'm planning my next recipe and dish.
That fresh air is consisted mostly of vibrant colors, smells of fruit, exotic spices and baked goods.
This 'sensual' trip I've made into my routine begins once I walk by foot all the way downtown (it's not really downtown as there are some major hills along the way), usually caring on one side a bag that is big enough to consume my sketchbook, pens, heavy wallet with enough change for the market, my sweet old heavy camera and some free space for the future spices that are about to spread their fresh ground aroma in this small air pocket.

I must say that even on the hottest days when I'm feeling too exposed to the sun and heat, it's all worth it after I enter "Shuk Mahne Yehuda", stumbling upon a whole different world that shudders with such freshness diluted with an ancient vibration, as this market has been there for hundreds of years.
I thought of sharing some of those weekly photographs each week, and perhaps into my little blog's routine.:)

Now I must ask you all as I'm very curious when it comes to other people's inspirational sources…in which place or environment do you seek your inspiration? Is it someplace hectic, full of life, sounds, sights and smells, or perhaps your intimate workplace at your own cozy home?
Wherever you're heading tomorrow morning, there will always be that tiny well shaped stone situated along the road…and I just know I'd be the happiest girl at that moment for noticing it down at my feet.


please sir said...

I love open markets - can't wait to see your daily routine!

Jessie Cacciola said...

yey a food post! (yes, make it weekly!)

I love your descriptions; i love the touching-smelling-feeling experience in an open market. we definitely need more of them in the U.S. Also, being surrounded by people who actually care what they're buying, or know something about what they're buying is so wonderful.

Might I suggest you read: The Fruit Hunters, by Adam Leith Gollner. You'll LOVE it.

xoxo, Jessie--

Krissy said...

What a great post!! I find a lot of inspiration from driving just about anywhere :)

aimee said...

just like you, i love to wander. changing environments usually get my creative wheels into motion. these are fantastic pictures! i totally loved looking at the backgrounds and all the little details. OH! and i recognized the word 'fruit'!

♥ Tiny Red said...

great post, great colours! anything that involves colour, shape, line, pattern and texture is great 'food' for inspiration isn't it? :)
BTW, thanks for your lovely comments on tinyred!

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Thank you ladies!
I see we all tend to get inspired just by wandering around, without knowing where we're heading. Inhaling shapes, lines, colors, just like Tinyred said.:)
I will try to make it into a regular post. I really appreciate the positive feedbacks.
I just love reading your replies. I'm always curious to know how other people 'capture' the environment and get inspired by it.

And Jessie- thanks, I'll look for it!
Aimee- I thought about you when I put the pics with the Hebrew.;) well done! hehe thank you my dear.

Have a wonderful creative week x

please sir said...

Thanks for your living comment - thanks for being there! Glad to hear I'm not alone on making this kind of decision.

Leah said...

Yes please! more market mayhem. or market inspiration. or market excitement. or market calm. i love it. thanks for sharing.

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Please sir- no need to thank me sweetie! as I wrote on your blog just now, I really think this whole blogging world was destined to be a kind of's so wonderful you can share your hectic thoughts with other people.:)
please keep on sharing.:) *hugs*

Leah- thank you my dear!