Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pattern and colour inspiration

As I promised, here's a peek to the beautiful floor tiles I had my eye on in the old historic buildings I visited last month. I know there are other pattern lovers out there to appreciate this scraped beauty.:)
As I got inspired by shapes and colours I made this uneven floor tile. I drew it on the bus on my way home and liked the shaky lines caused by the road's bumps. But anyway, it's all about the blurry borders and bursting colours.

I've been working on a new project now, something that should be hanged on my bare wall pretty soon, as long as I'd keep my active side on the move. Even though I'm sick. Pretty much depressing. But oh well, hope you're having a productive Sunday.

Friday, October 17, 2008

These feet were not meant for walking

If you wonder why there are feet falling from the sky all of a sudden in my weird little world, I'd tell you it has to do with my lasting obsession with feet and shoes, my madness of course and Design for Mankind new FEET mag as well. I love Erin's topics that rush me to my sketchbook.:)

Well, that's the result. Quite disturbing I agree. But feet may evoke that. They connect us to the ground and carry our full body weight. That thought led me to wonder how odd they would look, separated from the body while getting a whole new perspective.

There are a lot more to come (no, not feet again), as I've been painting and drawing lately all the time but still was lazy enough to upload and mess with the computer. But soonsoon!

Have a lovely weekend you all,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fill my eyes with colours

Patterns patterns patterns. Colours colours colours. Look at this gorgeous old tiles, bursting with worn scraping yet bold colourful shapes. I am so pleased I took my camera to some art exhibitions on Monday, as I found the historic structures and buildings much more interesting and appealing than most of the art works that were held inside.
I promise to post the rest of the tiles and floors photographs, but for now just one will do, to give some background to my recent-more-colourful drawings. aww how much I missed my coloured pencils!
I'm feeling quite uplifted as I got two whole quiet days ahead of me. It is Yom Kippur if it tells you anything…but in general I'm happy to say there will be no cars on the streets today. Nor tomorrow morning. Silence. Long walks and many empty pages in my sketchbook to fill! Lovely.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Friday, October 3, 2008

They are all fish but what are we?

This morning turned out to be the warmest and sunniest day we've had since I returned from London. It's hard to wake up and find yourself in a dense room with the slightest wind and fresh hot air rushing through the half open window. The fact I went to bed last 'night' when the birds started their day didn't quite help me to keep my eyelids wide open…but I rushed out of bed right to my working desk (Ok, so I had some tea and cookies first) to continue something I've already started in London. I drew some of them on the plane back home and really felt the need to let it all out. To let what out? Wandering the streets and corners of a larger city always leads to harsh views, of brutality, poverty, loneliness. It all jumps at me at once sometimes.

I saw a beautiful sun shining in the sky, but I knew I had different views in my eyes.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tal's Adventures in Wonderland: Part 1

After two whole weeks in London I'm back to the blogging world satisfied and relatively calmer. Though I could always use another vacation obviously…the world is too big and lots more to see every day.
I had my first 'Blind date' with one of the most talented and sweet people from the blogging planet, Thereza, as you may know as Tiny Red, a very colourful and joyful character herself.:)
I think we both came with different visions in our heads as we imagined each other according to the little story we tend to build once looking at each other's blogs and art. Meeting in person is obviously much more appealing and I just had the loveliest afternoon with Thereza, drinking tea and hot chocolate, taking pictures of pretty much everything (my fingernails for example) and getting to know the person behind the written words. Later she took me to a brilliant designer bookstore and handmade goodies shop.

Thank you Thereza for this wonderful experience! This blog has influenced me to meet lovely people who share my own passion in life. A wonderful opportunity which I appreciate so much.:)
I feel a bit silly as I made a wee drawing for you Thereza but forgot to give it to you from all of the excitement. haha I'll keep it for now as a reminder…;)
If you wondered, I'm the one with the old unattractive brown boots. Though I bought a new pair during my stay there, so please don't question my taste.:)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dreaming of London

It seems as I'm drifting from here to there rather than staying at home lately.
The need to experience the world has pushed me from Berlin to London, trying to exploit the opportunity and free time I have before starting Bezalel Art Academy on November, as I know I'm going to have four demanding hectic years. Hectic, but challenging in a good way, exciting I'm sure since this is it, my passion in life, graphic design and art in general. I'm still overwhelmed by the thought of actually learning what I desire and dreamt of ever since I can remember myself.

Now is my last (ok, not LAST last) chance to feel that freedom of those wanderings around the world, to feel surrounded by that wonderful feeling of inspirational environments. I will see your pretty faces (words perhaps) in about two weeks or so.

Oh London, I've always felt this is my second home. Art galleries and design around every corner. Small cafes I can enjoy for hours with tempting looking pastries and food markets I can't wait to explore (and share with you guys of course!).
I will miss you all (again!). Have a great time while I'm gone, enjoy doing what you 'are', or something like that…:)

me x

Friday, September 12, 2008

Berlin " Yummy yummy I've got veggies in my tummy"

As a food lover, a part of my trip has to contain that passion of mine of finding new ingredients I can't find at my local organic markets, and obviously enjoy good food. In my case, when I say good food I mean fresh, vegetarian, preferred organic that fits my budget. In recent years I haven't done those food researches I'm doing right before I'm flying somewhere and therefore found myself being forced to eat at places that didn't serve my kind of food. But believe it or not, I found my way in Berlin, among its massive sausages industry and creamy unfamiliar mashes. There is something reassuring in finding fresh quality food ahead. Now I'm not talking about fancy gourmet quality food, as I simply enjoy a bunch of seasoned vegetables lying happily on my plate.
Give me any fresh veggie and I'm a happy camper! :) I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the organic German veggies I found in my big colorful salads everyday. They were so vibrant and fresh that the colors just shown through. I've never seen a lettuce in such bright green before. Do I sound deranged while talking about vegetables? Perhaps. But I realized that is how I should always eat them. That is how they're supposed to look, taste and smell. And sadly enough I'm not used to this kind of fresh products back at home.

If you plan on visiting Berlin any time soon, here is a short list of some nice food places where I found my desired simple and comforting vegetarian food:
Seerose - a very cute buffet and salad bar, where I only chose the cold combination with salads and whole grains, as the warm dishes looked a bit heavy on the creamy side (though I think it was all vegan). Mehringdamm 47. Open Mon-Sat 8.00-24.00, Sun 12.00-22.00
Einhorn Mommsenstrasse - a delicious buffet of warm dishes and cold interesting salads. Mommsenstr 2.
Weilands Wellfood - organic and health food restaurant. Not all the menu is vegetarian but everything is organic, fresh and well made. I got a hugeee fresh looking salad along with spelt penne in carrot sauce. Very interesting. Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, the second one in Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 5.
There are loads of other bio supermarkets and organic stores with prepared food such as Fresh N Friends Foodstore and Gorilla chain.

I also managed to find a few interesting stuff in many of those bio organic stores they have there (lucky them!). I finally put my hands upon a nice looking walnut oil! It's not that rare, but at least where I come from, it couldn't be found ANYWHERE. And my summer salads pleaded for a fresh drizzle of that nutty flavor that surprises your taste buds in every bite. I love it.
A much heavier product I found is a basket full of the loveliest kinds of pumpkin I have ever seen! Cute aliens look alike. I suspect they're more for decoration rather than for cooking as it appears a month before Halloween. But still, gorgeous crops! No matter it took half of the place in my baggage, it was a nice surprise for my mom who agreed I was crazy and LOVED it.
I almost forgot about the delicious doughnuts... (Below the donuts lady)