Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pattern and colour inspiration

As I promised, here's a peek to the beautiful floor tiles I had my eye on in the old historic buildings I visited last month. I know there are other pattern lovers out there to appreciate this scraped beauty.:)
As I got inspired by shapes and colours I made this uneven floor tile. I drew it on the bus on my way home and liked the shaky lines caused by the road's bumps. But anyway, it's all about the blurry borders and bursting colours.

I've been working on a new project now, something that should be hanged on my bare wall pretty soon, as long as I'd keep my active side on the move. Even though I'm sick. Pretty much depressing. But oh well, hope you're having a productive Sunday.

Friday, October 17, 2008

These feet were not meant for walking

If you wonder why there are feet falling from the sky all of a sudden in my weird little world, I'd tell you it has to do with my lasting obsession with feet and shoes, my madness of course and Design for Mankind new FEET mag as well. I love Erin's topics that rush me to my sketchbook.:)

Well, that's the result. Quite disturbing I agree. But feet may evoke that. They connect us to the ground and carry our full body weight. That thought led me to wonder how odd they would look, separated from the body while getting a whole new perspective.

There are a lot more to come (no, not feet again), as I've been painting and drawing lately all the time but still was lazy enough to upload and mess with the computer. But soonsoon!

Have a lovely weekend you all,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fill my eyes with colours

Patterns patterns patterns. Colours colours colours. Look at this gorgeous old tiles, bursting with worn scraping yet bold colourful shapes. I am so pleased I took my camera to some art exhibitions on Monday, as I found the historic structures and buildings much more interesting and appealing than most of the art works that were held inside.
I promise to post the rest of the tiles and floors photographs, but for now just one will do, to give some background to my recent-more-colourful drawings. aww how much I missed my coloured pencils!
I'm feeling quite uplifted as I got two whole quiet days ahead of me. It is Yom Kippur if it tells you anything…but in general I'm happy to say there will be no cars on the streets today. Nor tomorrow morning. Silence. Long walks and many empty pages in my sketchbook to fill! Lovely.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Friday, October 3, 2008

They are all fish but what are we?

This morning turned out to be the warmest and sunniest day we've had since I returned from London. It's hard to wake up and find yourself in a dense room with the slightest wind and fresh hot air rushing through the half open window. The fact I went to bed last 'night' when the birds started their day didn't quite help me to keep my eyelids wide open…but I rushed out of bed right to my working desk (Ok, so I had some tea and cookies first) to continue something I've already started in London. I drew some of them on the plane back home and really felt the need to let it all out. To let what out? Wandering the streets and corners of a larger city always leads to harsh views, of brutality, poverty, loneliness. It all jumps at me at once sometimes.

I saw a beautiful sun shining in the sky, but I knew I had different views in my eyes.