Monday, July 14, 2008

Introduction to the B&W

I haven't really celebrated my first ever post in this blog. So here I am, in all my glory, posting little thoughts and weird scribbles...old and fresh.
And what can better show the way my brain works? What is this mechanism that makes my hand uncontrollably draw all the time?
Well, this is the place to observe my weird species from outer and inner points of view. :)

So as you can see, my brain is full of noises, shapes, lines, ideas and that's the best way to describe my way of work.
Everything turns into 'design' mode once my eyes are laid upon different objects.
I love to think what inspires me and just be a part of the whole creation experience. And that's one of the things I'm hoping you'll get to see here.

I am standing on ground but I can't feel my feet.

I usually draw on a paper first, since I can't really part myself from the hand-pencil-paper feeling. I started working on my computer only later, and sometimes I like to combine live drawings with computer graphics.
One of the reasons I called this blog Black & White is simply because a lot of my artworks are based on Black and White pencil/pen drawings, to achieve that rough graphic tone I like.
I love to play with the negative B&W and see how well it affects the whole tone of the work. And in my opinion it has the strongest impact on the eye alongside some colors that can 'bring out' the B&W even more.

At the moment I'm working on patterns made by existing drawings of mine. I'm really into prints and colorful patterns these days. I LOVE getting all dirty with acrylic paints and different materials. Future posts on those I'm sure.
So welcome in and enjoy the bits of my deluded brain...


kris said...
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Scatterbrain Tal said...

Thank you Kris!
come and visit again soon, and see some of my latest fresh works.:)

kris said...

I love your drawings!keep up the good work!
p.s.please feel free to put my link on a blogroll

indian yarn said...

extremely creative.

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Many thanks:)