Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dreaming of London

It seems as I'm drifting from here to there rather than staying at home lately.
The need to experience the world has pushed me from Berlin to London, trying to exploit the opportunity and free time I have before starting Bezalel Art Academy on November, as I know I'm going to have four demanding hectic years. Hectic, but challenging in a good way, exciting I'm sure since this is it, my passion in life, graphic design and art in general. I'm still overwhelmed by the thought of actually learning what I desire and dreamt of ever since I can remember myself.

Now is my last (ok, not LAST last) chance to feel that freedom of those wanderings around the world, to feel surrounded by that wonderful feeling of inspirational environments. I will see your pretty faces (words perhaps) in about two weeks or so.

Oh London, I've always felt this is my second home. Art galleries and design around every corner. Small cafes I can enjoy for hours with tempting looking pastries and food markets I can't wait to explore (and share with you guys of course!).
I will miss you all (again!). Have a great time while I'm gone, enjoy doing what you 'are', or something like that…:)

me x


aimee said...

enjoy your trip, sweet tal :)

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Thank you Aimee.:O) Enjoy your upcoming trip as well! When are you planning on going?

Mary-Laure said...

I adore London too! I hope you'll bring back some pictures for us.

please sir said...

Sounds amazing! When I have time and travel I always want to use up every ounce of my time to do or see something new. Enjoy!