Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inspiration has not been lost...

You might have noticed my sudden disappearance. I know I have. More than it was noticeable, it was unbearable for me.
And I owe it all to the disease I got and since I’m trying to keep this place aesthetic as possible, I’d spare you with details regarding the chicken pox that has decided to knock (peck) on my door (yes. In MY age).
Call it destiny, Satan’s envy or grumpy gods my beloved computer dropped dead on me when I most needed it, on Tuesday, July 24th. May it rest in peace.
So how did I survive you ask?
In order to keep my sanity and sustain my half clear mind, I found myself being comforted by my colored pencils, drawing pens, watercolors and sketchbooks that kept me working most of the days (and nights).
It was wonderful to hold my old quartered in height colored pencils from my childhood again, getting inspired by the silence I haven’t experienced for a while.
Sometimes we seek our inspiration elsewhere, but my fingers showed my otherwise by grabbing my old pencils. They sat me down in front of the window (the very same famous window I already mentioned before), and taught me to breathe the chilled darkness of the night and look at the fragile beams of light coming from a few lightened windows and porches.
I was obviously depressed from my currant physical and emotional states + I lost my plug-in-best-friend, so creating with my hands and being inspired even between my 4 bedroom-walls, REALLY helped my healing process and made this whole time much more enjoyable.
So I'm showing a sneak peek at some of the projects I’ve been busy with during this whole time.

Needless to say (but I’m obviously going to say it anyway) I SO missed the writing in my blog, and missed all of YOU, whoever keeps on following my words. I realized how nice it is to meet truly nice people through mutual passions.:)
I should also add Welcome in new comers! Thanks for leaving lovely comments on my art works.
I swear on my departed computer, expect many fresh posts of new organic works and food (I’ve been having ideas for some sweet baked goodies), once I get my shiny new computer *covers dead computer’s ears* AND *crosses my fingers* get the backup for all the material I might have lost along with its sudden crash. Hope you all had an inspirational week to keep you on doing the things you really love, that define who you are and just make you want to be here and now.


Jessie Cacciola said...

glad you're back. that sounds awful, but i know exactly what you mean with the colored pencils. the other day, i picked up a box a crayons and the best stuff came out onto the page. ps. yey, for fresh food. i'm still waiting for my tomatoes! err. xo

design for mankind. said...

So glad you're back!!!

And I agree with Jessie--- fresh food is ALWAYS a good thing. :)

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Thank you my sweeties!
I'm still recovering, and really in the mood for baking and experimenting in the kitchen.
I wanted to bake cookies but no one agreed to taste my germs along with them. lol and I couldn't eat all of them by myself...so I'm guessing next week should be fun after my cookies would look more appealing to my family...

Jessie- I know! I love to take the oldest, and not always working drawing pens from years back, and produce my best works.:)
And what about tomatoes? I promised chard. lol

Jessie Cacciola said...

haha, oh no, i'm mean from my garden! but, yes, i'm still waiting for that too! xo

ps. thanks so much for your comment on my art! i do plan to post more soon. and at any moment, let me know if you'd like a piece. ;)

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Can't wait to see more of 'Jessie's artworks'.:)

♥ Tiny Red said...

awww, so sorry to hear about chicken pox! and your computer! oh my god!!! glad you're back now and getting better. great drawings!

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Thank you tiny red! I'm getting better so I need to keep on working and creating.:)

aimee said...

wow!! what a great post! sorry you had to deal w/chicken pox and your computer dying, but sometimes it takes a disaster (or two) to get out of the blogging world and back to working with our main tools, our hands...

Scatterbrain Tal said...

Thanks Aimee! I couldn't agree more. My deepest creation always starts with my hands. I love to feel that rush in my fingers when I touch the paper and hold my drawing pen...:)

Have a creative weekend yourself dear.:)