Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things to avoid & do over this weekend:

To avoid:

* Must not be infected with my sister's Chicken Pox.
Though you must admit my disco ball chicken looks rather cute in that!
Funny enough, I checked earlier the meaning of the name (yes I'm bored), and apparently it comes from the word Chick pea which is also known as Garbanzo bean or Hummus, because of its resemblance. And somehow years ago someone thought it sounded close enough to Chicken. Whatever. No pizza face for me, thank you. :(

* Stay away from direct sun. I was excited about getting some tan, but now I'm being peeled like an onion. ViciouSun doesn't seem so nice now, does it.

To do:

* Get to work with the ideas I had for illustrations.
I usually get many ideas and thoughts of how to develop my work, but laziness gets a hold of me and I'm stuck at the theoretical stage.

* My week starts with a short training for my summer job at the Olympics broadcast. I'm doing some editing and timing work. So I'm hoping to take over this whole issue, know what I'm doing, get something right for a change and even enjoy it.