Friday, October 17, 2008

These feet were not meant for walking

If you wonder why there are feet falling from the sky all of a sudden in my weird little world, I'd tell you it has to do with my lasting obsession with feet and shoes, my madness of course and Design for Mankind new FEET mag as well. I love Erin's topics that rush me to my sketchbook.:)

Well, that's the result. Quite disturbing I agree. But feet may evoke that. They connect us to the ground and carry our full body weight. That thought led me to wonder how odd they would look, separated from the body while getting a whole new perspective.

There are a lot more to come (no, not feet again), as I've been painting and drawing lately all the time but still was lazy enough to upload and mess with the computer. But soonsoon!

Have a lovely weekend you all,